Dheny Patungka - Digital Arts
This workshop is a two day immersion into Composite Photography, Image Post-processing and High-end Retouching designed for both newbie and professionals. Imaginarium is a great opportunity for both photographers and Retouchers who are interested in acquiring a strong concept, solid lighting technique, posing fundamentals and high quality Photoshop skills for both commercial assignments or personal projects. View schedule

Custom Brushes

Learn how to create custom brushes and how to use them creatively to deliver strong result.

Hair Manipulation

Learn how to manipulate model’s hair, eyes and all other body assets.

Dramatic Moods

Discover my secret for creating several dramatic effects like sunset, blue moon etc.

Cleaning up

Learn about high end retouching: Improving skin tone and skin-texture.

Compositing tips

Learn how to create stunning composite images by using several image elements from different pictures.

Dodging & Burning

Learn how to use Dodging & Burning creatively for composite images.